Joost Heyink sings all songs, other voices by John van Hulst & Joost Heyink.
John van Hulst plays all instruments, except for Fout & Losing Hand: Harry Niehof plays guitar, and except for One More Time: Peter Harris plays guitar. All songs have been recorded and mixed by John van Hulst.
Cry Baby Cry - Written by Lennon/McCartney. From the 'White Album', 1968.
Alles wat ik doe is FOUT - Words: John van Hulst, Music: Rob Hoeke/John Schuursma. The original, 'Drinking on my Bed' is from the album 'Save Our Souls', by 'The Rob Hoeke Rhythm & Blues Group', released in 1967.
Girl - Written by Lennon/McCartney. From the album 'Rubber Soul', 1965.
Het Verhaal - Words: Joost Heyink, Music: Michael Andrews. Recorded and made a hit record in 2001 by Gary Jules (Mad World).
Julia - Written by Lennon/McCartney. From the 'White Album', 1968.
Losing Hand - Written by Charles Calhoun, recorded in 1957 by Ray Charles.
Maybe - Written by Dave Mason. From the album 'It's Like You Never Left', 1973.
Often - Written by Martin van Dijk.
Old & Wise - Written by Eric Woolfson. From the album 'Eye in the Sky', released in 1982 by 'The Alan Parsons Project'.
One More Time. Written by Van Morrison. From the album 'Them', 1965.
Watch Me - Written by Joost Heyink & John van Hulst
Working Class Hero - Written by John Lennon. From the album 'John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band', released in 1970.

You're No Good - Written by Clint Ballard Jr.