Joost Heyink sings all songs, other voices by John van Hulst & Joost Heyink.
John van Hulst plays all instruments, except for the lead guitar in 'Fout', 'Losing Hand' and 'How Long': Harry Niehof played it. In 'One More Time' Peter Harris played lead guitar, and the acoustic guitar in 'Love is a Game' was played by CJ Lastdrager. All songs have been recorded and mixed by John van Hulst.
- Cry Baby Cry - Written by Lennon/McCartney. From the 'White Album', 1968
- Alles wat ik doe is FOUT - Words: John van Hulst, Music: Rob Hoeke/John Schuursma. The original, 'Drinking on my Bed' is from the album 'Save Our Souls', by 'The Rob Hoeke Rhythm & Blues Group', released in 1967
- Girl - Written by Lennon/McCartney. From the album 'Rubber Soul', 1965
- Het Verhaal - Words: Joost Heyink. Written by Roland Orzabal (Tears for Fears). In 2001 it was recorded and made a hit record by Gary Jules (Mad World)
- Julia - Written by Lennon/McCartney. From the 'White Album', 1968
- Losing Hand - Written by Charles Calhoun, recorded in 1957 by Ray Charles
- Maybe - Written by Dave Mason. From the album 'It's Like You Never Left', 1973
- Often - Written by Martin van Dijk
- Old & Wise - Written by Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson. From the album 'Eye in the Sky', released in 1982 by 'The Alan Parsons Project'
- One More Time. Written by Van Morrison. From the album 'Them', 1965
- Watch Me - Written by Joost Heyink & John van Hulst
- Working Class Hero - Written by John Lennon. From the album 'John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band', released in 1970
- You're No Good - Written by Clint Ballard Jr.
- How Long - Written by Paul Carrack. A hit for Ace in 1978
- Oh My Love - Written by John Lennon. From the album 'Imagine', released in 1971
- Love Is a Game - Written by CJ Lastdrager. Recorded in 1978 by Miss Blanche
01 - Cry Baby Cry
02 - Fout
03 - Girl
04 - Het Verhaal
05 - Julia
06 - Losing Hand
07 - Maybe
08 - Often
09 - Old and Wise
10 - One More Time
11 - Watch Me
12 - Working Class Hero
14 - You're No Good
15 - How Long
13 - Oh My Love
16 - Love Is a Game